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The Story behind 'THE JOURNEY'

During the winter of 2005 Cliff Hall approached recording artist, writer / producer Nigel Hopkins with an idea for a new Jet Harris CD, to be written by Jet, Cliff and Nigel.  Unfortunately during the early days of writing, a rather heavy schedule of commitments for Cliff meant that he couldn't continue with the album, so Jet and Nigel continued onward with the project together, aided by a specially chosen team of dedicated professional musicians.
Nigel's aim;  To produce a 'World class Jet Harris album!'

As Jet and Nigel got to know each other, it fast became obvious that they both had an awful lot in common (almost a mirrored life), and some very spooky coincidences started to come to light.

Both Jet and Nigel suffered from alcohol addiction for quite a few years, and it came to light during conversation that they had both managed to give up drinking at around the same time.  Along with this, there were other things like: They had both passed their driving tests in the town of Blackpool.  They also drive exactly the same model car.  They had both moved from the Decca record label to the Fontana label in the same year, and more! It seemed that this was meant to be!

Nigel and Jet's idea for this project was to produce an album that combined the early Jet Harris sound with a very modern production, and one that they hoped would appeal not only to his long standing fans, but also to younger people (to everyone hopefully!), and while Jet still enjoyed playing all his old hits (and continued to do so), he felt that it was time to create something new and more up to date to add to his already large repertoire. But for Nigel, above all, it was vitally important to keep that trademark Jet Harris sound prominent in the mix.

There have been some criticisms about not using live drums on the tracks, but the truth is not all of the tracks used programmed drum samples, as there was a very live Bob Jenkins on drums too.  This also applied to live performances.

It soon became apparent that an official single release might be possible, and that it should be a very special high quality CD.  A tune named 'San Antonio' (by Jet) was chosen to be the track for pre-album release.

Unfortunately, releasing 'San Antonio' diverted everyone away from writing more material for the new album, as CD pressings, artwork, website construction and a pile of admin work took up most of Nigel's time.  All of this plus some rather unfortunate technical problems in the studio, stopped any chance of releasing Jet's new album CD in time for the end of 2006 (which was the originally planned release date!) However, Jet Harris - The Journey was finally released in 2007 to much acclaim.

Sadly this was to be Jet's last album.



(Pictured left: Nigel Hopkins)



"We are so proud and honoured to have worked with Jet on what sadly was to be his last album.'The Journey' meant so much to him, and the happy memories of times we spent in the studio together will live with us forever, as will the sad loss of a great friend and musician."

Nigel Hopkins and Paul Rumble.


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