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Jet's visit to Marshall Amplification

On the 20th July 2006, Jim Marshall (of Marshall Amplification), invited Jet, Nigel and Paul to visit the factory in Milton Keynes, Bucks, and everyone had a great time there, not only touring the factory, but also trying out the amazing range of amps in the Marshall 'Theatre' and not least of all, re-kindling some old friendships.

Jet commented on how impressed he was at the speed and quality of manufacture, not to mention the great lunch and excellent company!  These are just some of the photos from that very memorable visit.  (Our sincerest thanks to Jim, Paul and Steve for their wonderful hospitality).



Above:  Jet and Nigel outside Marshall Amplification HQ.



Above:  The warehouse staff take a short break (those boxes are b***** heavy!!).


Above:  Paul Marshall and Jet Harris in the Marshall theatre lobby.


Above:  Paul explains to Jet some of the manufacturing procedures.


Above:  From left to right:  Nigel Hopkins, Paul Rumble, Jet Harris and Jim Marshall.


Above: Jet and Paul relax after a hard day's listening......Phew!



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